Quick Access Popup (Free Edition)

Quick Access Popup can still be used for free. The free license is valid for three months and future releases will include feature limitations.

If, after using Quick Access Popup Free Edition for a while, you want to get a full license without feature limitation, please consider getting a paid license for a modest price. This way, you contribute to QAP development and user support.

Quick Access Popup is available for free, but…

  • Software distribution incurs certain costs such as server location, SSL certificate or bandwidth.
  • Software certificates help distributing a software safely and keeping users confident. But this leads to more recurrent costs.
  • Using nice copyrighted icons in a distributed product requires paying licence fees.

Hundred of users sponsored this software because…

  • It makes them save time or money and they want to return a fraction of these savings to the developer.
  • They want to support the evolution of the software and the quality of its user support.

To download QAP, click the button below and fill in the simple registration form.

After checking out, you will receive an email with:

  • your DOWNLOAD LINKS for the "Easy Setup" executable file and the "Portable installation" ZIP file;
  • your LICENSE CODE to insert when you launch Quick Access Popup (valid for three months, renewable);
  • and a PASSWORD to manage your license (allowing to remove it from an unused computer).

This email is sent by email immediately after you checkout. If you don't see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder.